The Resorts Of Egypt

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Карта курортов Египта

Egypt has no bad seasons or uninteresting leisure - only properly selected resorts. A variety of Egyptian resorts is such that any tourist with any claims will be satisfied, the main thing - to choose the right place and time for his guests. Below we give a brief description of the main resorts of Egypt, you are not mistaken with the choice, and got the full pleasure of relaxation. And on the map you can see the geographical location of the resorts.

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm el-Sheikh or Sharm ash Shaykh)

Sharm El-Sheikh, also known as the charm is the oldest (began to develop for tourism since 1967), the most advanced, most beautiful and most popular resort in Egypt, located on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The resort name translates as "Royal Bay". It's just a concentration of tourist activities and how enjoyable and interesting time spending. To find something to do here anytime of year and any time of the day: bored there never happens. This place is good for simple beach holidays and active entertainment, including diving. Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of the best places in the world for diving. It underwater beauty in the first place, attract every year countless hordes of tourists from around the world. It is also important that the Sharm-El-Sheikh you can get without a visa under the so-called Sinai stamp.

Season the Charm lasts all year round: in winter the daytime temperature here never drops below 23 degrees and the water temperature is below 20 degrees. In General, the Naam Bay near Sharm is considered the warmest place of Egypt in the winter. A little less of European tourists here in the summer months, when the heat becomes unbearable, but in these months comes a huge number of tourists from other countries in the African continent, where at that time even hotter.

It is convenient to go on an excursion to Cairo or Israel. But to get overland from Sharm to Luxor, you will have to make a considerable detour around the Suez Gulf.

Unfortunately, there is a small inconvenience when staying in Sharm – most of the beaches are dotted with coral reefs, and the entrance to the water is difficult. Usually the entry is made with special pontoons. But close by is the Bay Naam (Na'ama Bay) with clean sandy beaches.

Of course, for the pleasure you have to pay, so prices are about 15% higher than, for example, in Hurghada, located on the opposite shore of the red sea.


Hurghada is on the red sea on the mainland of the African continent. Hurghada is the second most popular destination in Egypt after Sharm El-Sheikh. Infrastructure of the resort is constantly evolving, offering new hotels and lots of recreational activities, including excellent diving, surfing and many other water sports, desert safaris, trips to Cairo, Luxor and the Nile valley. Not far behind the active entertainment and nightlife of the resort.

In Hurghada all year round tourist season lasts. In the winter, at night, temperatures can drop to 10 degrees, but the day it does not drop below 22 degrees. In the summer, particularly the hot months, the flow of tourists from Europe is a little weaker, but in General, even in these months the heat is transferred here is quite easy due to the dry climate of Egypt and the constant light breeze from the sea. Rain in Hurghada – it is very rare and happens once in two or three years!

A nice addition to the stay in Hurghada is that the hotel prices here are lower than competing resort – Sharm El-Sheikh.

Makadi Bay (Makadi Bay)

Makadi Bay just South of Hurghada, about 30 kilometers away, in a picturesque and secluded Bay of the red sea.

This relatively new resort began to develop in the mid 90-ies in the form of separately constructed on the empty seaside hotels. Hotels here are mostly high class, the prices are appropriate. The nearest settlements are far away from them, and therefore beyond the hotel, you will not see anything but desert and mountains. All the entertainment, shopping, restaurants, beaches, discos are located in hotels, so staying here can be recommended for families with children and those who want to enjoy water sports.

The climate here is virtually indistinguishable from Hurghada, but to the sea rises mountains give extra protection from the wind.

Soma Bay (Soma Bay)

This resort does not differ from its neighbor, Makadi Bay, except the location and composition of the hotels. Similarly, as in Makadi Bay, the hotels are mostly high class (4-and 5-star), located in a picturesque Bay, and there are no settlements nearby. Located a few kilometers to the South of Makadi Bay.

Marsa Alam (Marsa Alam)

One of the newest resorts of Egypt, actively developing and building hotels. The most southern resort of the country located on the coast of the red sea (270 km from Hurghada).

Near the resort is built international airport, ready to take tourists from around the world.

The main attraction of Marsa Alam is a popular diving centre, which is the largest and most equipped in the region. In addition to the size and equipment, it is attractive to divers for its still untouched and unexplored coral reefs, rich underwater fauna.

El Gouna (El Gouna)

The town and resort of El Gouna is located about thirty kilometers North of Hurghada, on the red sea coast. This place is called the Egyptian Venice or a Venice in the sand.

The resort is a small hotel, villas, cozy cabins, located on the Islands, separated by numerous canals. The Islands are connected by bridges and canals tourists are transported by boat.

In El Gouna you can find modern shopping centers and clean secluded beaches, fascinating underwater world and plenty of entertainment for young people. A special pride of El Gouna is a luxurious Golf club, considered one of the best in the middle East. The town has the title of "Most environmentally friendly resort in Egypt".

El Gouna is also a very popular spot for artists and photographers from around the world. They even built a special complex, which became their home and work place.

Staying here is not cheap, it likely corresponds to the European prices, so most of the tourists – rich Europeans and Egyptians.

The climate and seasons here are similar to Hurgada.

Port Safaga (Safaga)

60 km South of Hurghada, is located Safaga – a quiet resort town and a large port.

In Safaga there is no nightlife, you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity together with your family and children. However, constantly blowing a light breeze made the Safaga very popular for kitesurfing and Windsurfing. In 1993 it hosted the world Cup Windsurfing. Also this place is known for its healing properties. As shown by medical studies, the natural conditions in Safaga, healing sand and salt water contribute to the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis.

The climate in Safaga in the winter differs from other resorts of Egypt. Here, even in the cold winter months, the temperature is above 30 degrees.

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sunMYLOVE Jan 12, 2016
In Egypt not so expensive, it is possible for the sea to relax, and to travel. You can eat in the hotel, the Swiss table, the choice is too big. ...
sunMYLOVE March 21, 2016
If you have several people can you rent a car, convenient. ...
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There is also a large hotel where you can relax without animation. ...
MiLoVa 12 May, 2018
By the way, if to drive off from Hurghada a little bit, you will find yourself in Makadi Bay, where the local population does not live - it is purely a tourist place, there are concentrated only hotels. We liked it. ...
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dangerous even to the bakery for bread to go .if you afraid of everything .you have to stay at home. ...
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No, the sandstorms, the city without greenery, the hot the cold, the huge mosquitoes... brrr. And debris. Mountains of debris. And people are quite different. ...
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Calm, with good infrastructure holiday, plus a short flight, and a visit to the country free. Of the minuses don't even know what to note. Probably prices too Intrusive and merchants shops with Souvenirs. ...
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In vain. I was not, for example.
I was only interested in the sea. ...
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Useless Souvenirs and magnets have long trips don't drive. Prefer that you can drink or eat, in one word something practical. I brought tea, coffee (not great, but it's OK), I cite every time the teas from different roots and herbs, they are delicious and fresh there. Brought spices. Bought myself a cotton dress and cotton summer blouses. All good quality and our money is very cheap. A friend brought the wine Omar Khayyam, there are white and pink. She already knew this wine, I tried - I did not like. But I do not drink alcohol, he told me the whole don't like. It is still possible to buy natural soap, oil and perfume. My friend's husband is Egyptian, he lives in Egypt and she's here in Moscow. She enjoys and loves balms like our stars, hair oil, natural soap. ...
nausla 29 September, 2019
The main direction of course of the Red sea, there will not argue.
And this is understandable, such a diversity of underwater life anywhere close will not see.
In fact, those who understand, go not into Egypt namely the sea. :D
And go for a short time.
But there is also a "Radialka" in Cairo, desert, Abu Simbel, etc.:) ...