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Egyptian pound

Один египетский фунт

The national currency of Egypt – Egyptian pound. International designation – EGP. In Egypt, the price tag is usually the local currency is designated as – L. E. (from the French. - Livre egyptienne, translated – Egyptian Lira) or E£. The locals call money aunt, guinay, or livre egyptienne (LE).

One Egyptian pound equals 100 piastres (pt). In wide circulation there are banknotes of 25 and 50 piastres; 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and £ 200; coins in 25, 50 piastres and 1 pound. There are coins of 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 milliam (the smallest coin), but they are almost there. If you will fall into the hands of small coins, is sure to leave them on the memory is almost a rarity. Sometimes the price tags can be specified prices in piastres: for example 550pt is 5,5 E £.

Bills of different denominations do not differ in size, and they depict ancient Egyptian temples or mosques. Inscriptions made in Arabic and repeated in English language. To distinguish bills of various denominations from the first glance it is sometimes difficult, so you should be very careful when calculating and obtaining delivery. If you pay more, nobody will tell you about it, and just pray for you to Allah.

What currency to take to Egypt?

Пятьдесят египетских фунтов

In Egypt there will be no issues with exchange either of the two main world currencies - the Euro and the U.S. dollar. So I can easily take any of them which you prefer. Also, many hotels and restaurants (especially expensive) prices are often quoted in dollars or euros and you will gladly accept payment in these currencies. You also will gladly accept euros or dollars anywhere where prices are in pounds, but can calculate the rate of pounds at an unfavourable rate. In such cases it is necessary to know the current rate of exchange and bargaining.

In resort areas it is possible to exchange rubles for pounds and even to pay in rubles, but unfortunately, the rate recalculation will be not the very best. Better to pay up or to change the dollar and the Euro.

Currency exchange

Монеты Египта

When exchanging currency should always be very careful, carefully counted the money, paying attention to the numbers on the bills and their title (the piastre or pound). In the Arsenal of serious change, even in banks there are many ways to chop a tourist for a couple of hundred pounds.

To exchange dollars or euros in Egypt can be anywhere: in hotels; in stores; I'm on the street; in the exchange; in the Bank. It is best to change currency in banks or exchange offices as there the best rate and less chance to be deceived, although he is still there.

Some banks of Egypt, work only in the morning from 8:30 to 14:00. Other additionally open from 18:00 to 21:00. But almost all banks (except Bank MISR) closed Friday and Saturday.

Do not hurry with the exchange on arrival at the airport, or, in extreme cases, change a small amount. During the holidays keep an eye to the course at different points and change small amounts as needed. It makes no sense to change a large sum at once: first, to exchange back to EUR or dollar will not be beneficial;secondly, the export of local currency is prohibited from Egypt; thirdly, you can pay with euros or dollars, you only need to follow the current course and to bargain, you have not counted the cost at an unfavorable rate.

The exchange rate

The Egyptian pound against the US dollar varies from 4.5 to 6 lbs. Ten Russian rubles is approximately equal to 2-m Egyptian pounds. To recalculate the approximate amount of pounds to rubles, just multiply it by four: example 10 Egyptian pounds equal 10x4=40 rubles.

The exchange rate (Egyptian pound) today ()

100 pound (EGP) = 380,77 rubles (RUB)
1 Euro (EUR) = 18,54 EGP
100 rubles (RUB) = 26,26 EGP
1 United States dollar (USD) = 16,62 EGP
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График изменения курса валюты
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Plastic cards and traveller's cheques

Plastic cards and traveller's cheques are quite common in major Egyptian cities and resort areas.

Plastic cards: Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club are accepted in many hotels, restaurants, shops in the major cities. But you will hardly be able to pay by card or charge it in areas remote from major centers of areas. Also keep in mind that when paying you will additionally charge a Commission of 3% to 10% of the value of the goods.

In large cities there are many ATMs where you can withdraw money with Visa or MasterCard. The safest way to do it in the premises of the banks or near them.

Traveler's checks most well-known brands can be cashed in most banks, Forex offices and authorised the offices of Amex and Thomas Cook in Cairo , Alexandria , Luxor , Aswan , Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. In the exchange of cheques in banks you can charge a Commission, so it's best to exchange the correct amount of the fee, and if you are not satisfied, look for another Bank.


Tip, called "baksheesh", an integral part of relations between tourists and staff in Egypt, and often the main income of the Egyptians. Should be sensitive to the fact that most of them will expect from you "baksheesh" and not getting it one or two times will be different to treat you. The wages they receive are so small that they are not enough for subsistence, and basic income they receive in tips. And not getting them from you, they just will have nothing to eat and feed my family.

On the other hand, we should distinguish tips for services that you really provide the nature of their work, even if it is as simple as opening before you the doors of the imposed in the form of support on the street adhering to you guide whom you asked, the attendant in the Museum, the owner of the camel. If you blatantly extort money for services that you didn't want to or that you have already paid for in the General account, we firmly deny this. Tipping should be for services that you did have, and give freely.

A tip for small services, within a few pounds, I decided to give the hotel clerk and the airport, who helps to carry bags, open the door, escort you to your room in the hotel, hailing a taxi. A little more, approx £ 10 per week (almost $ 2), you would expect a maid cleaning the room. Easier to give baksheesh paper banknote (£5) or coins (1 pound). Count on the change for a large bill given as a tip, of course not.

In restaurants you will also expect a tip of 5% – 10% of the account value. Do not spare them, if you like, how you have served and liked the food, especially if you plan to return to this restaurant.

Taxi drivers can be given 10% more than the fare on the meter, if you believe that the trip was worth it.

In the end, if you mind to give a few pounds or you have none, give at least one pound, say "thank you" and smile. It's better than not to let anything pass by as if nothing had happened.

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