General information about Egypt

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General information about the country

Egypt (Egypt) - the official name Arab Republic of Egypt. State in the North-Eastern part of Africa and the Sinai Peninsula. It has borders with Israel, the Palestinian national authority (Gaza), Sudan and Libya.

In the North the territory is washed by the Mediterranean sea, in the East — the Red sea. Both seas are connected by an artificially constructed channel.

The state system

Egypt is a Republic. The head of state is the President. The head of government — Prime Minister. The highest legislative body — the bicameral National Assembly.

29 Jan 2011 the result of popular uprisings and armed clashes, allegedly organized by the opposition of Egypt, revived de facto abolished in 1981 the position of Vice President, which appointed the former head of Egypt's intelligence Omar Suleiman. 11 February 2011 President Hosni Mubarak handed over power to the Supreme military Council.


Spoken language in Egypt is one of the Arabian dialects, official - so-called "high Arabic". Arabs write from right to left. But the numbers are written and read from left to right. Many Egyptians, especially in resort areas, can speak or at least understand English, and sometimes French. Designation of streets, names of places are very often duplicated in Latin.


94% of the population profess Sunni Islam. In a small number there are also adherents of the Coptic and Greek Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church. In Egypt strong enough officially banned radical Islamist movements. Problems on religious grounds in Egypt are quite rare, but still sometimes happen: 1 January 2011 in Alexandria during the Christmas Liturgy in the Coptic Church there was a terrorist attack — a bomb exploded that killed more than 20 people, injured more than 100 people.

The basis of secular law in Egypt forms a set of rules of Muslim law — the Sharia, which, however, acts in a gentle way.

The population

It has a population of 80.5 million (2010, 16th in the world).

The bulk of Egypt's population (about 99%) are Arabs, Bedouins and Berbers. The remaining 1% composed of Greeks, Nubians, Armenians and some other Europeans (mainly Italians and French).

The urban population is 45%. The population density of 74.6 people per sq km (for comparison, in Russia is 8.4 people per sq km).

Weather, tourist seasons

Most of Egypt lies within the Sahara desert, so the climate of Egypt, in General, subtropical and tropical, with significant fluctuations in daily temperature. Depending on the time of year and place, the weather can vary greatly. However, the weather in Egypt throughout the year is quite suitable for a beach holiday.

Conventionally, the seasons in Egypt can be divided into warm (March-October) and "cool" (from November until the end of March).

From March to may from the desert blows hot, dusty wind, which brings sandstorms, falling atmospheric pressure, followed by temperature rise. Starts the hottest season. He is very hot, the temperatures in some places in the shade to rise to 50C, but the evening becomes cooler diurnal temperature differences are very large. On the seas and coasts daily and seasonal temperature changes less.

In the "cool" season daytime temperatures generally in the range of 20-25C. The nights are cold, the average temperature is +10C, and in the deserts of possible weak frosts to -5C.

Best time to visit Egypt depends on what part of the country you intend to visit. But, in General, the country is the most favorable season for attendance by tourists lasts from December to February. During "low" season (June to August) due to the unbearable heat, there is an outflow of tourists and the drop in prices in hotels, especially in the center of the country, far from the coast. On the coast even during this period, tourists have enough.

The time in Egypt

The time in Egypt, behind Moscow -1 hour in winter and 2 hours in the summer.

Egypt goes to summer time on the last Thursday of April at 01:00 PM Egyptian time. Return transition to winter time occurs on the last Thursday of September.

Current time in Egypt:

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Wife and I took a room at the Old Vic Resort Sharm. Here was completely different. Took a standard double room with one bed. It is small, but for two people very spacious. Unlike Logaina Sharm Resorts – clean. Just say that the wife in open spaces – the sea, the oceans are afraid to swim, she has this phobia since childhood. So she attacked storm the pool. And again it's "different"! Unlike pool Logaina Sharm Resorts, it is clear that it is clean. Because the passing hair and leftovers – not the most pleasant thing I can tell you. Staff is friendly and language barriers they have.
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