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Most of the hotels of Egypt offer food on system "all inclusive" (All Inclusive), and guests of the country there is no need to worry about having to find a place where you can eat tasty and inexpensive. Buffet hotels usually given a huge variety of dishes from European cuisine to exotic Egyptian desserts.

However, even if you have chosen the best hotel, where tables groaning with an abundance of dishes, and just look at all these dishes there is no force, it would still be interesting and nice to visit some of the local restaurants, where you can learn real, traditional Egyptian cuisine. It is useful to look at the market, where you can pamper yourself with local fruits and drink fresh juices, and you should definitely visit one of the cafes where you can leisurely enjoy a hot aromatic coffee.

Kitchen Egypt

Egyptian cuisine combines the culinary traditions of many countries. It is diverse and focused on eating meat lovers and vegetarians.

To have a meal here without a problem, everywhere you will find a lot of restaurants and eateries which offer dishes of European and national cuisine. The kitchen is the center of Egypt mostly focused on tourists in tourists from abroad. Therefore, to sample authentic Egyptian meal in a traditional recipe you are unlikely. However, in order to acquaint the tourists with local cuisine, some hotels offer local dishes to the menus of their restaurants.

Culinary cravings daily food of the Egyptians is very simple, basically a dish of beans, pasta, rice with vegetables cooked in oil with spices. Also widely used as food, various vegetables, eggs, cheese. Very popular pellet from boiled beans with spices and herbs (ful), vegetable cutlets made with pureed beans (filyafili). These dishes are always served with bread and tahina sauce - a mixture of sesame paste and spices with olive or butter. In Egypt, during a meal on the table there is always bread (aish), which broke with the hands and dipped in the sauce at the same time, it can wrap various stuffing (meat, basturma, sausage, etc.). Also worth mentioning are the vegetable dishes like vegetable goulash (torly), beans, sauteed with lemon, vegetable oil and barley grains (fuya medames), stuffed grape leaves with rice stuffing (mahshi), soup with vegetables and fried garlic, peppers (of molokheya), spicy salty snack with slices of carrots, onions, olives, lemons and cucumbers (torshi), various vegetable salads and stewed eggplants, seasoned with garlic.

Egyptian cuisine is distinguished by a high content of seasonings and spices, making them very flavorful, spicy and moderately spicy.

As for the meat, and allow it to itself can a few ordinary Egyptians, it is mainly used beef, lamb and poultry. Pork here do not drink for religious reasons (Islam), meals out of it can be found only in restaurants. At the same time, among the meat dishes are very popular: burgers from minced beef fried in oil (jacket); minced meat wrapped in a piece of meat, cooked on the coals (Tarbes); lamb, boiled in water with grain (Harris); roast lamb with rice (Magnus). One of the most delicious dishes is stuffed with rice or millet pigeon (hamam). This kind of pigeon specifically bred for food.

Fish dishes and seafood dishes are striking in their diversity and range and method of cooking. Especially popular among tourists is the fish platter.


Traditional non-alcoholic drink of Egypt is considered to be of green tea - a beverage of hibiscus with sour taste red. It quenches thirst and served cold or hot. In local coffee shops, you will be offered a choice of several varieties of coffee. Coffee is usually called in accordance with the amount of sugar: sweet (of siyada), medium (mazbut) or bitter (of the recession). Instant coffee is not really respected, and his brand is called "Nescafe". Popular tea, usually mint or Indian.

You should definitely try fresh fruit juice (Asir), for example: mango, grapefruit, lemon, banana and unusual cane juice. Some of them mixed with milk (banana) and the other diluted with water (lemon).

Western soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, 7-Up, etc., you can buy everywhere. Bottled water is also sold everywhere.

The Egyptians follow the Muslim faith, and so the vast majority of them do not drink alcohol. All alcoholic beverages, imported or local, who you meet in Egypt, designed for tourists. Find here you can of any alcoholic beverages, especially when you stay in a 5* hotel where everything is included (All inclusive): far beyond the alcohol you will not have to walk. But still it should focus on local beverages, and from something and to warn.

Водка Volga

Among the local alcoholic drinks are of average quality, you can celebrate the local wine. The home of good beer sold by the beer brands Stella and Luxor, and pour in the hotels are very poor quality. In addition, Egypt produces its own spirits are tolerable, including vodka (good vodka with the name of the Volga), gin, rum, Arak. But the quality and taste of spirits is not a delusion, because, after all, most of them the quality is below average and below is below-average. This is especially true of alcoholic drinks of local production, issued for popular brands. Spirits still better to buy in duty free shops: 2 liters of spirits and 24 cans of beer, foreign tourists can buy during their stay in Egypt in the duty free shops are located in all tourist centers. Note on the purchase of alcoholic beverages is affixed in the passport of the buyer.


To talk about diversity and world-famous Oriental sweets does not make sense – this tasty pastry, nut bark, toffee with honey and coconut, halva with different types of nuts. The main ingredients of most of the sweets are honey, nuts, cream.

From dessert dishes to celebrate the unusual and interesting dishes: noodles baked with honey, nuts and sugar, rice with milk, baked in the oven (ohms).


Фруктовый рынок Египта

Contrary to what many think Egypt is a total desert, and no fruits there, they are mistaken, because the fruit here is great and feel great. Due to the warm climate of Egypt, the plants they grow and produce fruit all year round and harvested several times a year.

Unfortunately, in Egypt there is no such abundance of exotic fruits, such as, for example, in South East Asia, but still some interesting fruit here ripens. Prices, of course, much lower than in Russia, but the cost is highly dependent on the season (good season with a large crop prices fall significantly).

Seasonal fruits in Egypt:

  • Mango harvest 1 time a year: from mid-June to late September;
  • Oranges - harvest 2 times a year, in spring and autumn;
  • Grapefruit - harvest 2 times a year, in spring and autumn;
  • Pomegranates - harvest 1 time per year - from mid-October through November;
  • Dates – beginning in the fall throughout the winter;
  • Figs - autumn;
  • Fatalis - beginning in the fall throughout the winter;
  • Peaches - spring, summer, the rest of the time imported;
  • Apricots - spring, summer;
  • Watermelons - from mid-may to September;
  • Melon - from mid-may to September;
  • Lemons, limes - 2 times per year;

Pineapples, avocados, apples, coconuts, bananas in Egypt is growing very little or not at all grow, and most often imported.

Any fruit can be brought from Egypt home. You can also bring the freshest juice of ripe fruit. To find these juices in the season can be everywhere in the markets and in the shops: squeeze right in front of you in your container. Home is very convenient to carry in plastic bottles of soft drinks because these bottles are practically “indestructible” and will easily survive the flight in Luggage. Don't take bottles of liquid in hand Luggage is prohibited.

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No, the sandstorms, the city without greenery, the hot the cold, the huge mosquitoes... brrr. And debris. Mountains of debris. And people are quite different. ...
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In vain. I was not, for example.
I was only interested in the sea. ...
Burenina Nataliya 29 September, 2019
Useless Souvenirs and magnets have long trips don't drive. Prefer that you can drink or eat, in one word something practical. I brought tea, coffee (not great, but it's OK), I cite every time the teas from different roots and herbs, they are delicious and fresh there. Brought spices. Bought myself a cotton dress and cotton summer blouses. All good quality and our money is very cheap. A friend brought the wine Omar Khayyam, there are white and pink. She already knew this wine, I tried - I did not like. But I do not drink alcohol, he told me the whole don't like. It is still possible to buy natural soap, oil and perfume. My friend's husband is Egyptian, he lives in Egypt and she's here in Moscow. She enjoys and loves balms like our stars, hair oil, natural soap. ...
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And go for a short time.
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Hi! In Egypt, I was 2 times: with friends, with my wife (then fiancee). Teammates took the hotel Logaina Sharm Resorts. What do You say? The guy who greeted us at reception, in English, of course, speaking with great difficulty. With him and sign language you can learn. The apartment was dirty – probably the tenants had just moved and all have not yet. We all understand, of course, but what do we do? On the floor was kind of sticky puddle that was removed for some reason in the last turn. Immediately not advise staying in it! Took 2 bedroom apartment and of course expect the best, like all normal people.
Wife and I took a room at the Old Vic Resort Sharm. Here was completely different. Took a standard double room with one bed. It is small, but for two people very spacious. Unlike Logaina Sharm Resorts – clean. Just say that the wife in open spaces – the sea, the oceans are afraid to swim, she has this phobia since childhood. So she attacked storm the pool. And again it's "different"! Unlike pool Logaina Sharm Resorts, it is clear that it is clean. Because the passing hair and leftovers – not the most pleasant thing I can tell you. Staff is friendly and language barriers they have.
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