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Malaysia for tourists from Russia is still a somewhat exotic and rare destination, although every year the number of Russians who have visited this wonderful country is only growing. Instead of the already trampled length and breadth of Thailand, experienced travelers are looking for something new, and discover Malaysia.

Tourism in Malaysia is not as developed as in neighboring Thailand. You could even say that Malaysia is a more exotic country. But here you will find everything that the inquisitive soul of a traveler wants: wonderful clean beaches and untouched nature reserves, ancient Buddhist temples and mosques, fun resorts with a vibrant nightlife and secluded islands. There are rich opportunities for diving, snorkeling and other sports and entertainment.

The choice of tours to Malaysia today is simply huge. From a large number of destinations, you can choose for yourself what your heart desires, or you can find a combined tour, including a visit to several resort places in Malaysia.

Pick up and book a tour to Malaysia online at the prices of tour operators at no extra charge you can use the suggested search form. For more information about Malaysia and its Resorts, visit our website.

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