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Sihanoukville Tours (Cambodia)

Sihanoukville Beach Cambodia is a country of the most ancient civilization, which literally thirty years ago survived the horrors of genocide and violence, which had the saddest effect on development and greatly influenced the monuments of the historical past. Today Cambodia is one of the most promising tourist regions of Southeast Asia, attracting tourists from all over the world. Tens of thousands of travelers choose Cambodia tours to get acquainted with the unique historical and cultural monuments of this ancient country.

Sihanoukville (Sihanoukville, The City of Sihanouk, Sihanouk City or Krong Preah Seihanu) is a city on the southern coast of Cambodia, 230 kilometers from the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is washed by the waters of the South China Sea. The name of the city is pronounced with emphasis on "Ah" and not on "y". Sihanoukville is a very small and young city. The population of the city is slightly more than 100,000 people, and the city began its history in the 50s of the last (XX) century. Sihanoukville got its name in honor of King Sihanouk, under whose rule it was built.

Today Sihanoukville is the only beach resort in Cambodia. Until recently, this resort was practically inaccessible to Russian tourists, and it was possible to get there only independently or as part of a tour purchased on the spot, for example in Pattaya. To date, tours to Sihanoukville are also available from Russia in the form of a tour package.

You will not find crazy night discos and entertainment like "Pattaya" in Sihanoukville. But it is also impossible to say that it is deaf here in a rustic way. There are a sufficient number of bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, there are several exotic cultural and natural attractions, and, of course, many hotels, the main advantage of which is fantastically low prices. On the islands you can do excellent snorkeling and diving. Summarizing: this place, first of all, is ideal for a relaxing family holiday; "doing nothing" on the beaches and nearby uninhabited islands; snorkeling or diving.

The main advantage of Sihanoukville is that this place has still preserved the spirit of real Asia, its natural beauty and originality. In general, we can say that Sihanoukville has not yet been spoiled and trampled by crowds of tourists.

Pick up and book a tour to Sihanoukville (Cambodia) online at the prices of tour operators at no extra charge, you can use the suggested search form. Moreover, among the offers there are also very interesting combined tours with visits to neighboring countries: Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. A lot of tours include a stop for a day or two at Phnom Penh for exploring the capital of Cambodia.

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